Shaping responsible working environments.
That's what drives us.

For us, planning is the art of developing future-proof working environments. Environments that allow for encounter and exchange, collaboration and innovation, as well as seamless processes. That shape a company's culture and show attitude. And that give both clients and employees an insight into the essence of a company. RSE+ stands for architecture, engineering, factory and logistics planning under one roof, plus the added value that we create for our clients: Because we are passionate about creating working environments that authentically reflect our clients' DNA and set sustainable standards for quality.

Working environments that offer more: That's what we strive for. Complex challenges: That's what we master. Function and design, adherence to costs and deadlines – from planning all the way to implementation: This is what has defined RSE+ for over 50 years.

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  • Interview Lukas Holzinger RSE+ at the Cleanzone in Frankfurt

    High energy costs and the importance of sustainability are two of the most ambitious contents for almost every industrial sector.

    Lukas Holzinger RSE+ explains the influence of these themes on the planning of cleanrooms.

  • Opening of Administrative Building Landkreis Waldeck Frankenberg in Korbach

    Inauguration of the new Administrative Building Landkreis Waldeck Frankenberg in Korbach. The building housing the divisions youth, healthcare and social affaires was given over to the owner.

    Info Landkreis Waldeck Frankenberg
    Opening of Administrative Building Landkreis Waldeck Frankenberg in Korbach
  • Tag der Architektur Hessen

    At the so called "Day of architecture" many curious visitors came to our projects Verwaltungsgebäude des Landkreises Waldeck-Frankenberg and KiTa Göttingen Grone.The bright blue sky was additionally amazing for over 70 visitors that took a look inside the buildings.

    Many thanks to all visitors-we are looking forward to the next year!

    Tag der Architektur Hessen
  • Inauguration Future Food Factory OWL Lemgo

    On 4th, May 2023 the new building of the "Future Food Factory OWL" at the Campus of the Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe was inaugurated. The completely black facade construction containes a huge hal, different factories an project-rooms, as well as open-space workstations. All premises are designed to enable various research-projects in the field of digitalization infoodproduction in different constellations.

    Homepage Future Food Factory OWL
    Inauguration Future Food Factory OWL Lemgo
  • Groundbreaking Vishay Siliconix Itzehoe

    On a six hectare sized side at the location Siliconix Itzehoe, Vishay starts a new development of a chip producing plant.
    For the symbolic groundbreaking on March, 20th, protagonists from politics and economic got together.

    The foto shows: District Administrator Claudius Teske (l.) and Major Ralf Hoppe (3. v. l.)
    together with Vishay-representatives Serge Jaunay, Tilo Bormann, Jeff Webster
    und Leif Henningsen (v.l.) performing the symbolic groundbreaking.

    News City of Itzehoe

    Groundbreaking Vishay Siliconix Itzehoe
  • RSE+ Cleanzone Messe Frankfurt

    At this years' Cleanzone sustainability was the most important topic of the cleanroom-sector's agenda. RSE+ presented at the booth of the "Deutsche Reinraum-Institut" solutions for the manifold challenges in the building modelling. RSE+ develops concepts for precise tasks and accompagnies clients through the wohle GMP-process up to the point of the final project-delivery.

    Interested in our "Reinraum"-booklet? Just ask for!

    RSE+ Cleanzone Messe Frankfurt
  • Monument of the month Marktstrasse 28 Grebenstein

    The hessian department of preservation of ancient monuments regulary calls attention to the "pearls" of the region.
    Our project was given the honour of the so called "monument of the month" by Angela Dorn of the Hessian Ministry of Science and Culture
    We worked for the Philippstiftung e.V. and were responsible for the architectural reconstruction of the historic timber framed house and the attached stone house dated from the 17th century.
    We are very happy about this precious award.

    Further informations..

    news Hessian Ministry of Science and Culture
    Monument of the month Marktstrasse 28 Grebenstein
  • Grand Opening Daycare Centre Grone, Göttingen

    At a former sports ground at Lütjen Steinsweg in Göttingen an unpretentious building providing ample room for 80 children, was erected. The futur user is the ASC Göttingen 1846 e.V. sports club; the principal is the Volksheimstätte eG. A ballon shot by an arrow exploded in a large shower of confetti inaugurating symbolically the centre and the sportshall nearby. Both were taken by assault from kids and parents.

    Beitrag ASC Göttingen 1846 e.V.

    Grand Opening Daycare Centre Grone, Göttingen
  • RSE+goes documenta 15

    For all "artlovers" of our team, a trip to documenta 15 was organized.
    Filled with impressions we'll start in the next season !

    RSE+goes documenta 15
  • new administration building Korbach - work in progress

    For the divisions health, youth and caring a new building situated behind the existing "Kreishaus" is raised. An amount of 166 workplaces will be created. The construction site actually shows what is build inside and outside: wooden claddings, dry walling, heating and ceilings are in time.

    new administration building Korbach - work in progress
  • Interview Lukas Holzinger, RSE+

    “For newcomers to the cleanroom, Cleanzone is worth its weight in gold".

    In the interview, he talks about his own experiences with cleanrooms,
    the challenges facing the industry and the importance of Cleanzone.

    Here you find the complete interview:

    Lukas Holzinger, Managing Director of RSE+ Architekten, has been
    planning cleanrooms for around 20 years and has been a visitor to the
    Cleanzone trade fair for many years. Since this year, he has been a new
    member of both the board of the German Cleanroom Institute
    and the trade fair's strategy commission.

  • smart FOODFACTORY in Lemgo

    The new construction of the “smart FOODFACTORY”, which is being built directly at the new Campus Boulevard, will provide a perfect environment for research and development in digitalisation and improvement processes in the food industry. In addition to a large workshop hall where entire production lines can be simulated there will be project rooms, lab-like workshops, and rooms for sensory experiments, plus open space office areas and additional work spaces. Everything is on schedule, currently all crafts are working full tilt at the final completion steps.

    video smart Food Factory

    smart FOODFACTORY in Lemgo
  • Inauguration of Erich-Kästner-Schule Sports Hall in Baunatal

    Following a complete reconstruction commissioned by the administrative district of Kassel, the Erich-Kästner-Schule sports hall in Baunatal was inaugurated; everyone involved in the building process was present, and now the sports hall can inspire new records ...

    News Stadt Bauntal

    Inauguration of Erich-Kästner-Schule Sports Hall in Baunatal
  • RSE+ Planning for Production Facilities and Logistics with Virtual Reality

    Planning processes down to the last detail both in the areas of factories and logistics, making sure they work smoothly and seamlessly: that’s our claim and one of our core competencies. Now, our team is offering added value to our clients using Virtual Reality to further increase planning optimisation and certainty. This technology enables both 3D visualisation and a feeling of real interaction with the elements of a simulation model. In order to check complex approaches, it allows a walk-through of the building, from a static model all the way to the animation/simulation of processes with and without interaction.

    RSE+ Planning for Production Facilities and Logistics with Virtual Reality
  • RSE+ Donates to Ukrainian Refugees

    RSE+ Architekten Ingenieure GmbH donated 5,000 euros to the administrative district to be used for the benefit of refugees housed in neighbouring Lohfelden.

    RSE+ Donates to Ukrainian Refugees
  • Ground-Breaking Ceremony Scheuch Baumaschinen

    At the Kassel industrial park “Langes Feld”, a new building for Louis Scheuch GmbH is being constructed. Together with the client, a company existing since 1953, we have developed a form of architecture which presents itself as open for innovation, development, and progress. The building will provide room for the sale, leasing, service and repair, and storage of construction machinery.

    News HNA vom 23.02.2022 Louis Scheuch baut und zieht um

    Ground-Breaking Ceremony Scheuch Baumaschinen
  • Newest member of buildingSmart

    We are now the newest member of buildingSMART Germany! buildingSMART is the competence network for BIM and the digitization of the construction and real estate industry. We look forward to working with buildingSMART Germany to shape the digital transformation of planning and building.
    Newest member of buildingSmart
  • RSE turns RSE+

    For 50 years, RSE has been synonymous with architecture, engineering, factory and logistics planning, all from a single source. And with the added value we create for our clients: For it is our passion to create and shape working environments which authentically reflect our clients’ DNA and which set sustainable benchmarks in terms of quality. Creating and shaping responsible working environments. That is our drive. Working environments that offer more: that’s what we strive for. Complex challenges: we master them. Function and design, on time and in budget – from the first planning to the final execution: That’s what we’ve been representing for more than 50 years.

    Our anniversary and the merger with ab+b has led us to modernize our brand appearance, expressing our added value. In the future, we will operate as:
    RSE+ Architekten Ingenieure GmbH
    RSE+ Fabrik Logistik GmbH

    We’re looking forward to our future cooperation!

    Gregor Brune, Andreas Heyer, Lukas Holzinger, Karin Knobloch,
    Stefan Stiegel, Gerd Christian Wagner

  • Groundbreaking in Tuttlingen

    With the symbolic groundbreaking ceremony, the success story of the Binder company at the Tuttlingen site is complemented by a milestone. The manufacturer of climate cabinets, whose products are particularly popular in the fight against the corona pandemic, is expanding its factory buildings. The Competence Factory, which was only opened in 2017, will have an additional 2,500 m² of space. For € 6.5 million, the company expands its factory building to 10,500 m². This also includes 200 m² of office space. In the impressive speech by the managing director, Mr. Peter Michael Binder, the planning offices and construction workers are wished a good success in order to achieve the set goals with the completion of the project in October 2022.

    Groundbreaking in Tuttlingen
  • Inauguration of Grebenstein Nursing Home Facility

    On 10 September 2021, the building at Marktstrasse 28 in Grebenstein, completely refurbished and renovated according to the regulations governing historical monuments, was inaugurated after nearly two decades of planning and execution. Located right at the market square, there is now a day care nursing facility, also providing dining and social rooms for the assisted living accommodation. Two living quarters for walk-in care after coma and artificial respiration are located on the ground and upper floors. With the utmost care, the historical building fabric was adapted to fulfil hygienic, supervisory, and fire protection requirements.

    A cordial thank you goes out to our team, Ms Peters and Mr Middelmann!

    Inauguration of Grebenstein Nursing Home Facility
  • Ground-breaking ceremony in Melsungen

    With a symbolic ground-breaking ceremony at its Melsungen location, B. Braun, a leading medical technology and pharmaceutical company, started construction of its new production facility for medical disposables to be used in infusion therapy. The ACTIVE construction project will enlarge the existing medical production complex at the Pfieffewiesen premises. B. Braun is investing a total of approx. 90m euros in the new production facility. The entire construction and production relocation project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2025. (Source: Press Release on the ground-breaking ceremony of 16 June 2021,

    Our teams from the areas of architecture, engineering, factory and logistics are focussing on planning and executing this construction project. We wish everyone involved lots of success in realising an extension calling for special requirements.

    Find more information and photos from the event at
    Ground-breaking ceremony in Melsungen

High complexity.
Interdisciplinary solutions.

Our main plus: By combining the fields of architecture and engineering, factory and logistics planning, we are able to offer complete solutions under one roof. From the working worlds of trade, industry or logistics to office and administration to hospitals, care homes or schools and nurseries: Our experienced and well-coordinated interdisciplinary team masters every challenge, no matter how demanding.


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